Customize From with Powerapps. Difficulty with combobox

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I'm trying to create a new sharepoint from using powerapps. I am having difficulty patching the data from the combo box back to sharepoint. The error im getting is that the column in the list I am patching back to is a text type.


I realize i should probaly be using a lookup type column in sharepoint. However, the combobox in powerapps is taking data from an offline excel sheet.


How do i make a sharepoint column that lookup the data from excel?


How do I then patch the data from powerapps back to sharepoint?




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@eobrie22 when I'm using Power Apps with SharePoint, almost always the SharePoint column types are single or multiple lines of text. I think you're getting a wee bit confused: you don't want to use a lookup type column in SharePoint because the lookup is being done, or should be, in Power Apps, not in SharePoint. All you're doing with SharePoint is storing the result. So use the combobox to lookup the data in Excel then just save that to SharePoint.


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