Custom URL/Vanity URL for my SharePoint

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I have a url for example


I want to give this URL to my customers but since this is a complex URL I want to distribute something like which would basically load my Sharepoint site. I have considered following options so far

1. To use Domain Forwarding/Domain masking 

2. Create a landing page and add some javascript to redirect it to my SharePoint site.

3. Create a virtual directory and use a HTTP Redirect(301) to do


Is there a way to rename the existing sharepoint URL?

Is there any other way to do this in Office suite or sharepoint or any other means?


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@Nikhil1990  renaming the URL once the initial redirect has passed the user to SharePoint is not possible. For that reason I have never used redirected URL's, even internal ones such as https://intranet because they are not useful and any bookmarks your users make to your site will contain the full SharePoint URL. 


If your users are external when you add them into your site they will get an email invitation with the full URL anyway. There is no way to add a user without them receiving this email so the onboarding process for your customers is via this email. 

Andrew is totally correct...SPO does not provide the kind of renaming you have explained in your use case

@Andrew Hodges 


I am not sure if I understood the response correctly.


But even if the site is Public and I want external users to remember it as a simple name( rather than a complex url ( is there not a way to have  a diff vanity url. something we could configure in Sharepoint or by using other ways.

@Nikhil1990 you can use a Smart Link to create an easy to remember URL. It doesn't change the SharePoint URL once you login, but it does make it easy to remember. Do some research on them, because they require some expertise to create ( and We have one for onedrive.( and intranet.( for ease of typing it in manually into a browser.

@Nikhil1990There are no traditional public sites in SharePoint Online. We used to define a public site in SharePoint on-prem as a site that didn't need authentication. These sites briefly existed in SPO but have not been turned off.  You do have the ability to have anonymous access on a site but the users must use the link you send them to gain access, so a simple URL is of limited value. 


I wouldn't recommend anonymous access in most situations because of the security implications. You would be better limiting access to a site collection via domain and authenticated users, which is what I do for all my customers as a default governance position.