Custom Permission - Limited Contribution/Edit

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Hello, I need to create a SharePoint permission role that allows users to do the following in the document library:

- Add (create) files/folders 

- Edit files (existing ones or ones they create)

- Rename files/folders they create

- Delete files/folders they create

- Open (view) items


But they can't do the following:

- Delete existing files/folders or ones they didn't create

- Rename existing files/folders or ones they didn't create


Ultimately I only want them to contribute to the library but not modify the folder structure and what else is already there. The issue we face is that people accidentally drag folders and delete items. We use MS Flow SharePoint connectors so it's crucial the folder hierarchy and naming remain intact.


Is there a way to do this other than telling the users to "not move, delete or rename files"? If so, is there some sort of approval or "Are you sure" screen we could use instead? Thanks!

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