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I'm tying to create a SharePoint Online List as an incident register. I'm want to have an Incident ID column formatted to display the number like such: INC001, INC002 INC003 and so on.

I can format the number column to have the leading INC but it drops off the leading 0s. I googled some code to format the number with the leading 0s but then it drops off the INC.


"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "=padStart(toString(@currentField),3,'0')"
How do I change the code so I can have the leading lettering (INC) and leading 0s so my number column displayed as previously described.
Thanks in advance
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@Sarah82 you're nearly there, use this:

"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "='INC'+padStart(toString(@currentField),3,'0')"
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Adding to answer by @Rob_Elliott:


If you have some rows with no value in this number column, above JSON will return value like INC000 for all rows: 

ganeshsanap_0-1699277345861.pngSo instead of it, use this JSON: 


  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "=if(@currentField, 'INC'+padStart(toString(@currentField),3,'0'), '')"




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Thanks very much to both @Rob_Elliott and @ganeshsanap
Much appreciated :)