Custom List Form Header not displaying for other other users

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I'm using the new "Configure layout" feature to add custom JSON formatting to a list form's header along with a custom form body. I got it working well and went to test using another account (both accounts are site owners), and the header doesn't show any customization! Strangely, the body customization does appear correctly. Also strange is that the 2nd account doesn't even show the option to "Configure layout" in the form window.


This is driving me crazy because it's the last item before I deploy this site. Any ideas where to start on the troubleshooting?

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Mmm...could it be the feature shows or not depending on the user? I particularly found this behavior when the Tasks App was released in Teams: some users have it and some others not. It does not make any sense, but it could be related. Bear also in mind that this feature I believe is not fully released yet