Custom forms and apps after Root site swap

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Has anyone had any dealings with swapping your root site on SPO and what effect that has on custom forms and any powerapps applications built before the swap?


I have built a number of forms and applications for my org however i now need to swap the root site and i'm worried that if the URL changes on the root site, all that work will have to be redone.



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Interesting question...I think you will need to reconfigure staff in your Power Apps and Flows for sure...I have not tested this scenario, but I believe the swapping is going to do its job in SPO, but not in other Apps related. Anyway, best way to test this is by doing a test where you can emulate the swap and see how it works when there are dependencies on the site url

Thanks, i figured that was the case. The aspect that's bothering me the most is the custom powerapps forms on SharePoint lists. There doesn't seem to be a way to migrate these, the official line is to recreate them which i definitely don't want to be doing.