Custom Folder Views at top level and folder level not changing views




I have a document library that I want to apply different folder views to at the top level and then at the folder level. I have created two custom views, top-level and folder-level. For the top-level (the root of the document library) is set to order the items A-Z and is set to apply to the top-level only in folder options. The folder-level view is set to apply to the folders once you navigate into the folder and is sorted by a customer sort order. In the folder-level is set to apply to the folder in folder options. Both are applied as default views.  When navigating in to the folder from the top level, the view is not changing. I can manually change the view without issue.  Does anyone have any solutions for this?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alex, I've been working on this issue for a client and so far the only solution I have found is to use document sets. Once you've created and added your document set to the library, click on the document set on the library settings page, then click document set settings. In the Welcome Page View section you should have a drop-down to select the default view for the document set.