Custom color column date in SharePoint List with PowerApps custom Form

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I'm new to SharePoint and PowerApps
I have a SharePoint list with a date column (calendar). I need to customize my List with PowerApps customize form. I need to change the color of the calendar (not the chevron, but the calendar itself) .
I have a blue color and I want to change the color to red ( #ed0000 )
I can do this on the PowerApps custom Form or on SharePoint list ?
Could someone help me with how I should do this, please? 


please, help me :smile:


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As per my knowledge, this is not possible using out of the box properties from Power Apps studio for SharePoint list forms.


Check below workaround available for Power Apps which might help you if you can export >> edit >> import app package from admin center/PowerShell:

Power Apps – Change Date Picker calendar colors 

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Thank you so much,
I will look at your solution, and if that solves the problem, I will post it.
thank you so much

@JeSuisPasNulle You're welcome. Hope it works for you!

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