Custom actions (list item menu) not shown for document sets (SharePoint 2016 without FP 1 installed)

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Using SPD 2013, I created a Custom Action (List item menu) for a SharePoint 2016 library that has the document set content type linked to it.


The problem that I have is the custom action is not shown as part of the contextual menu of a document set item. I have created the same for SP 2010/2013 and works as expected.


Any idea on what could happen in SP 2016? Something change in this version? 


Thank for your help.


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Same issue here! I'm trying to register custom actions using CSOM on folders and document sets and it does not work in SharePoint 2016. We are on FP1 so there is no change there.


Were you able to resolve this issue.

If so, please let me know the resolution steps.

Thanks in advance,

For us this was fixed in a later CU. Not sure exactly which one but we went live with may 2017 CU so the issue was fixed somewhere between FP1 (nov 2016 CU) and may 2017 CU.