CSOM throttling in SharePoint 2013 OnPrem


We have quite large SharePoint 2013 farm on premise and doing some heavy operations like creating some 100s of Site Collection using CSOM. During this operations, the servers has almost 0 load, but we get throttled anyway.


How can we avoid to get throttled? Which settings has to be changed to set the throttling limit higher?


We have already doubled the values from ClientCallableSettings but without success.


Thank you


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Is the first time I hear about this problem... @Vesa Juvonen any comments?

We are creating about 200 Site Collections and apply heavy customizations (using SPMeta2). Total 4 processes (2 per server) are calling CSOM code to create the site collections. We have implemented the ExecuteQueryWithIncrementalRetry but still running into the error.

First time to but you could take a look at the resources for the site collection if it has any effect.