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I am want to add a search vertical to a site collection that returns results from a related site collection.  I have created the custom search vertical query as below.  I've also tried without the quotes and asterisks.  The search vertical shows up as expected but doesn't return results.   Can verticals be used in this way and can someone assist with the proper syntax please?

search vertical.jpg

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Hello @ChristyQV


that's correct, here you can find more about path property: 


I have the same issue, when i create a vertical to another site. I have it reported to MS.


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Hello @ChristyQV 


it's by design. Feedback from MS: 

Site search honors the content accessible by the site scope. If the two sites are unrelated, then these are two separate scopes and the data from one cannot be searched from another. 

Content from another site can be accessed if this site is a hub site and the other site is associate site.


You need to use the PnP Modern Search WebParts or other search driven WebParts for cross site searching.


Best Dave

@David Mehr Thanks for sharing!