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1. Some of my files have disappeared. I am waiting on technical support to get back to me. We checked in the first and second stage recycle bins, we tried searching all sites, we even ran an Audit, and there was nothing indicating the files were ever deleted...yet they are not there. Where did they go? A whole folder containing important training documents is just gone... You can run audit logs to see edits made by me, which proves they were there. It's incredibly scary and frustrating, and doesn't make sense.


2. We are getting random clones of files and sometimes entire folders called whatever the original is called, with a "-computername" slapped on the end. For example, a file called "Report" and then a duplicate right next to it called "Report-workstation37". And, what makes this really frustrating is the fact that SOME data is in the original, and SOME data is in the copy. So now, we have to go through and somehow merge the two back into one. If it's a big file....good luck. You need a separate app to do that for you, such as WinMerge. You shouldn't have to do that!! Why are so many duplicate files AND FOLDERS being created?? This just creates extra work for IT!! Many of us are using the OneDrive sync client, if that helps.

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