Creating similar search experience with Microsoft Teams-delivered page and browser-delivered page

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We currently deliver a Microsoft Teams landing page (modern SharePoint page) via the same Microsoft Team's tab. This part was easy to do and very intuitive.


One of my requirements is to deliver an identical search-experience for both Microsoft Teams user as well as web-browser users. I'm aware that Teams has its own robust search, but I've been asked to make the search identical for Teams and browser (SharePoint).


My initial thought was to create a link/button that navigates to:




This works fine via browser. In Teams, it looks like many elements are stripped away--for better or worse--including the search bar at the top (as well as the top- and left-nav, title, and logo).


My next thought was to make the link/button open search.aspx on a seprate tab or window, in hopes that the Teams-delivered page would open up search.aspx in a browser (with the search bar); however, modern SharePoint pages do not allow you to open up internal sites in a separate tab/window. So I run into the same issue.


Is there a way via setting or URL parameters to force loading the searchbar or launch in a new tab/window? Or am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks in advance.

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