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We would like to develop a SharePoint page featuring multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Our goal is to create an interactive platform where users can engage with these questions, submit their answers, and receive immediate feedback. Specifically, we envision a system that highlights incorrect and correct answers upon submission.

Additionally, we aim to offer two distinct modes for users(like Microsoft Learn)

  1. Review Mode: Users can browse through the questions and submit their responses without actively answering them.

  2. Attempt Mode: Users can actively participate in the quiz by selecting answers to each question.

To implement these functionalities, we intend to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. We are eager to explore how we can achieve these objectives within the SharePoint environment effectively.


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@Jeyeline the easiest & most obvious  way to do this is with a quiz in Microsoft Forms, embedded into a SharePoint page with the Forms web part. The user can submit their responses, there is a practice mode and they can see their results immediately.


The form:




The form embedded on the SharePoint page ready to be completed by the user:




The user answers the quiz questions and submits:




They see their score on screen immediately:






The spreadsheet behind the quiz doesn't record the overall percentage, so what we tend to do is to use a flow in Power Automate to save each response as it comes in into a SharePoint list with a calculated column for the overall score/percentage.


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