Creating new item in form library sharepoint by sharepoint designer

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Sorry I am new to sharepoint, my question is mixed of InfoPath form and sharepoint. I wanted to use InfoPath form instead of task list in sharepoint because my form has repeating section and table and with task list I cannot customize.

Now I would like to know is it possible create new item in form library by using sharepoint designer workflow and can see metadata in the form and how I can?

I have made before my form template by InfoPath designer.


i will be happy for any guidance and better ways for solving my problem.




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Hi @Masoud1313 

Maybe not the answer you want to get but given the information behind the links below, I had not put so much effort into starting to build / customize solutions with these technologies that will soon stop being supported. If you have the opportunity, you should consider upgrading to Microsoft 365 and using Power Apps.

SharePoint Server 2013 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

SharePoint Designer 2013 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

Infopath 2013 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

Thanks, I do not have this opportunity right now. because in the organization i am working they have sharepoint server 2013 and using InfoPath form. I will be happy if any body can help me in this situation.