Creating Links in Page Content for Modern SharePoint Sites

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Hey Everyone, 


I am building out my first Modern Communications Site for a client and noticed something when publishing content. When creating a link using the Text web part, I have to know the link address, there is no option to find content already in SharePoint. 


This seems like a step backwards, or am I missing something?



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You can use the Link button when you highlight text, it lets you find other pages on the site. Technically it's not moving backwards when you could never link to other content on the page before in the text editor :P. It would be nice if that search box was more than just pages thou or had option for pages / document etc. Throw it up in uservoice!

Thanks @Deleted ... Just threw it user voice. 


When you get a chance go vote!


User Voice - Better Linking Experience

Since Uservoice is dead, I'm commenting here because this is still an issue and it's super frustrating to not be able to browse to link to documents from a text web part.

@AGoneau uservoice has been replaced by the feedback ortal at


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