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A complicated one this, so I shall try to explain best I can.


The end result of all this is a page where the user picks an activity from a drop down (or however best to display the options). It then shows another list of all courses within that activity. Finally when they pick the one they want, it will show details of the person running that course. However to complicate matters, the same person could be a trainer on multiple courses.


I have made some lists to prepare, one for the trainers, one for all the courses and one for the list of activities. But perhaps I am going about this wrong.


What is the best way to achieve what I am after?


I assumed I could use lookup columns but my mind has just gone blank on where to start or even if what I want it possible. I even thought of using Infopath in some capacity.

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@S_I_N you can do this with Power Apps connected to your lists. Let me know if you need the detailed steps.




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Thanks, but alas (unless I messed up with the version of sharepoint) there is no powerapps or flows. Which sucks