Creating a workorder in SharePoint

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I have the following scenario in a list which I imported from an Excel document, let's call it "Clients". All the values are made up in order to mimic the data I'm trying to manipulate. :



Name of company          Company ID             Location                  City       

Company A                          S12345                   Kitchen                     Stockholm

Company A                           S12787                  Auditorium                Karlstad

Company A                           S17474                Front desk                   Enskede

Company A                           S88787                Restrooms                  Karlskoga

Company B                           S88477                 Hall B                         Stockholm

Company B                           S87437                 Hall C                         Stockholm

Company B                           S74367                 Hall D                         Stockholm

Company C                           S34876                 West wing                  Båstad

Company C                           S74398                 East wing                   Malmö



In column A is a list with non-unique values that are duplicated based on the number of locations our service workers have registered in Column C. Each specific area ha sits own Order ID, represented in column B. 


This is what I am am trying to achieve with this data.


1. A service worker creates a new object in SharePoint (A new Workorder is created with the click of  button on the start page) 


2. The first input field is the company. As the technician types the name of the company, I want the results to auto-populate based on the data being entered. I want the company name to only show up once in the results (and not more frequently as defined in the "Clients" document.


3. In the next step I want a drop-down menu with the automated results based on our first selection. Ie) Company is located > show results from Column B based on company name (Column A). 


INPUT:                                                          Company A

Autopopulate dropdown selection:         






4. Ideally, the technician should also be able to type in the client nr and autopopulate the corresponding values to that data. Ie) Technician writes S12345  in the input field for "Company ID" and the corresponding or absolute values for That specific ordernumber will autopopulate (Name, location and city). 


I really appreciate your help with this. I hope there is a SharePoint wizard who reads this. 


All the best,




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@akermnans2 you won't be able to do this with SharePoint on its own but can achieve what you want with Power Apps. with your SharePoint list as the data source. I would suggest a standalone app rather than a customised form. If you haven't used Power Apps before there are some very good videos on YouTube, particularly those by Shane Young.


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Thanks for the advice Rob. I'll certainly check that out.