Creating a Wiki using Modern Pages with clickable tags

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Is it possible to create a Wiki Knowledge Base using Modern Pages with clickable tags?


I was creating one using this tutorial from Gregory Zelfond and created a column using Managed Metadata.

The Web Part showing the page properties is working correctly but I was keen on having these displayed in a way that they were clickable. The behavior I am looking for is that when clicking on one of the Metadata a new page would open showing all the documents in that site using the same metadata.


Is this possible at all? Or should I be doing it in a different way?


Thank you

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@jagostinhoCT as far as I am aware this is not currently possible, I am wanting the same thing with metadata columns (although not using a wiki which SharePoint has always done very badly.


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One thing you can do is add a Highlighted Content Web Part that pulls in content that has the same metadata value. Effectively, you are pre-configuring a search that shows the pages with the same properties as the one you are on. Not exactly what you are asking for but the outcome is the same - showing all the pages with the same metadata value as that property in your page. You can choose how many you display and if more pages meet the criteria, the "See all" indicator will show up to show all of the pages that meet your criteria.