Creating a product database in lists (Best practices and where to start?)

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I am currently creating a database of our products in SharePoint lists. I have a hard time figuring out where it is ideal to split parts into multiple lists, where to use multiple value look-ups etc. The goal is to make a robust database that can easily be used to filter out products by various attributes, so we can use this as a basis for various PowerApps, document libraries etc.


The hierarchy in our products are basically such that it is divided into different divisions in the company, product families within a divison, and product variants within each family. So example:

Division: Televisions

Family: XT

Variant: XT-1, XT-2, etc...


Division: Phones

Family PH, TH, KH etc..

Variant: PH-1, TH-1, KH-1, KH-2, etc...


So I thought I had the idea multiple times, but always run into a problem, because I want to collect the products across all variables, but if I put it in one list, a lot of columns will only be relevant based on division.


I thought about just making one list with everything and saving different views with relevant columns per division etc., but not sure if that is a good way?


Any tips on how you would have done this?


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If you need a robust and relational database, you should not use SPO lists for this