Creating a list via "From Existing List" doesn't copy Advanced Settings

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I have a template list (SPonline, Modern pages) for which I have disabled attachments and comments via Advanced Settings. When this template is cloned into a subsite, by creating a new list on the subsite with the "From Existing List" option, the "Advanced Settings" on the new list are at defaults, not matching the template's settings. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug (feels like a bug to me).

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@DavidWexelblat I have also noticed the same thing before when I was trying to create a list in production site based on existing list in development site.


SharePoint does not copy these settings to newly created list. I think this functionality to copy the settings is not developed by Microsoft.


I will suggest you to submit a new idea/feedback on feedback portal at: SharePoint feedback portal.


Also, report this to Microsoft by creating a support ticket with Microsoft directly, follow: Get M365 support - online support 

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@ganeshsanap Thanks. I also found 2 other things that didn't get properly cloned into the new list:

  • The Title field has a calculated default value in the template list, but this was missing in the cloned list.
  • The input form is customized (selected fields and formatting). One of the fields has a conditional formula, but that wasn't copied from the template to the new list (hence the field was always visible when it's supposed to be conditionally visible).
The input form issue noted above appears to be limited to the Title field - conditional formulas are cloned for other fields. So those two items are likely directly related.

I did discover that list-level Validation Settings are not cloned from the template into the new list either. Sigh...