Creating a duplicate SharePoint site for Testing purposes

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With the number of PowerApps we are creating and we have multiple environments for these (Dev, UAT, Prod) but we only have the one SharePoint environment.  So as you can imagine it is difficult to make major changes as we will be interacting with Live data.

I know this will probably be more difficult now, but any suggestions of the easier, less distributive way of creating a testing SharePoint site and changing the Data source in the PowerApps??

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Absolutely, the recommendation is to create SharePoint site for Dev, SharePoint Site for QA and SharePoint Site for the same way you should have the same Power Platform environments and automate the solution deployment throught Azure Dev Ops

@Chris_Clark1968 You can create a SharePoint site manually in your tenant. Then you can create a site template from old site & apply it to the newly created site using PnP provisioning engine - this way you can have same lists, libraries, etc. in newly created site.


Then you can manually change the site references or data sources in your power apps to newly created site. Ideally you should use Environment variables with power platform solutions for such scenarios to avoid manual efforts.

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Agree 110% Solutions and Environments are great for ALM. 

I use Pnp to duplicate Sites and Lists. 

It would be great if these Sites could be located in an environment.


Manual Triggers in Power Automate solutions do not work in environments. Power Automate community has multiple ideas requesting this and multiple questions from users who have encountered this limitation.