Created date in SharePoint different than Created date in Word

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In one of my sites, we have a report library that is populated by documents created in Word. These documents are created using a template that is available from the New item menu dropdown in a SharePoint list. The report document then moves through an approvals flow, eventually coming to rest in a final versions library of sorts. Our admin has been keeping manual metrics of how many reports each analyst creates monthly, and I would like to automate this. I am seeing some discrepancies, however, in the created date. For example, when I look a document in Word's info tab, I see a date of 10/5/2020. This matches the field info in the document itself (report authored date). However, when I look at the value in the Created field in SharePoint, it shows a different date (October 7, 2020). I assume this is because the document has been touched by a flow. Is there any way for me to pull that original Created date in Word into a column in SharePoint so that we can pull accurate metrics?


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