Created a wrong Default SharePoint Domain

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Ok, i screwed up. I created a Tenant using the wrong domain. I was able to fix the Azure Directory and change it to the correct domain. However, the SharePoint default website still reflects the old domain name. 


I tried creating a custom domain with the new domain name, but it only says Available and not verified. How do I get change the domain name in SharePoint?


Should I just delete the Tenant? If yes, what impact should I be wary of?

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Have you checked this article.


This article will change the SharePoint domain and it irreversible. The domain that you are switching should be verified in Admin Console - Domain. You can use a TXT record to verify your domain from where you have purchase the domain.





I did that. But it also said "You do not need to purchase the “” domain to add it and it does not require any public DNS registration."


I am not transferring the domain over yet so I just want it on the .“”. The domain says Available and not verified. I don't know how to get it to verified.

My other concern with playing with the real DNS record is their email is on GoDaddy. I'm concerned that if I play with it, their email will stop working.



What is the status shows If you go to admin -> Domain -> Domain status?



Yes, I wouldn't recommend that. You can add the entries on GoDaddy but removing them will make it worse.



Says healthy.


In custom domain it's available but not verified.