create view in sharepoint like sql view

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I am creating a PowerApps application where I've 3 SharePoint List 1)List-1, 2) List-2, 3) List-3 as a PowerApps Forms.

When User Submit request within any of this 3 List then data should be shown in the SharePoint View List. Because I want to show all request from this 3 List in the Dashboard i.e. SharePoint View List 

Let me know if anyone of you have solution on this like once data is added in any of this 3 SharePoint list then it should also shown into SharePoint View List.

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Hi did anyone have the solution?

Hi @power-apps-user2 

You could just create a new collection and load the results from all three lists into that like

ClearCollect(SharePointListView,`List 1`);
Collect(SharePointListView,`List 2`);
Collect(SharePointListView,`List 3`);

Put that into "App.OnStart"

Then set the collection "SharePointListView" as the items property of a gallery to display all items from the three lists.

If you add an item to any of the SharePoint Lists using a form then also put these three lines in the "onsuccess" property of each form.

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