Create V lookup column to identify unique number sequence in 1 list to another

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I currently have 2 sharepoint lists


In the first list, entries include a unique numerical sequence in 1 column (ISRC column) 


In the second list, there is also a column where users will input in a unique numerical value (ISRC column).  On this list, there is a task that will be set to Complete and what i'm trying to do is create a V Look up on List 1, that will identify when there is a numerical value match and include the status value of Complete in a look up column.  


I understand that Look up columns cannot work with Choice fields in sharepoint so I created a separate 'Calculated' column which just duplicated the 'Complete' text from the status update column (The 'Is Monetised? column shown below in list 2).   It's this Calculated column value that I need to map to list 1 when there is a numerical value match.  my current set up is not working however, not sure where I am going wrong?


any help much appreciated




List 1 - 




List 2 - monetisation



My look up column settings



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