Create Universal Metadata Columns for all my sites in!%20I%20am%20creating%20a%20column%20with%20a%20link%2C%20that%20connects%20to%20a%20flow%20for%20quality%20assurance%2Frevision%2FInspecting%20documents%2C%20triggered%20by%20%22on%20select%22.%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3EThanks%20to%20WonderLaura%2C%20I%20found%20the%20way%20to%20have%20a%20single%20flow%20for%20this%20actions%2C%20independently%20of%20which%20library%20or%20site%20the%20flow%20is%20triggered%20from%20(same%20flow%20across%20multiple%20sites).%3CBR%20%2F%3EBut%20now%2C%20I%20am%20stuck%20on%20finding%20a%20way%20to%20implement%20this%20column%2C%20that%20is%20formatted%20with%20JSON%20code%2C%20in%20multiple%20sites%2C%20and%20more%20importantly%2C%20that%20appears%20by%20default%20automatically%20when%20a%20new%20site%20is%20created.%20Is%20really%20not%20an%20option%3F%26nbsp%3B%3C%2FP%3E%3C%2FLINGO-BODY%3E
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total newb question.. Using sharepoint online

I would like to create some universal metadata columns that will trickle down to all the sites I am creating under the the /sites/ collection.   Most of the departments in my company use a universal set of metadata columns, and i want to make sure that if someone does a search on one of these universal metadata columns across sites, that they get a good result (assuming they have permissions to search these sites of course)

My first thought was that i was going to have to create one "root" site and put all the sites underneath it as hubs or sites - but that does not sound right to me... because then every department would be /sites/rootsite/department . 

I have created metadata columns in and they dont trickle down.

Any thoughts? 




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Crickets.. i cant believe that im the only that wants to make universal metadata columns within the /sites/ site collection..

Hi @RioRene ,

I have the same question! I am creating a column with a link, that connects to a flow for quality assurance/revision/Inspecting documents, triggered by "on select".

Thanks to WonderLaura, I found the way to have a single flow for this actions, independently of which library or site the flow is triggered from (same flow across multiple sites).
But now, I am stuck on finding a way to implement this column, that is formatted with JSON code, in multiple sites, and more importantly, that appears by default automatically when a new site is created. Is really not an option?