Create site Template script over 30 items using Powershell

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I've successfully created SharePoint Online site Templates via Powershell which are under the 30 script limit and work as expected during '+ Create Site': Get started creating SharePoint site templates and site scripts | Microsoft Learn

However, we create a new Team Site for each company project and are trying to standardize the look, folders, permissions, etc. via a single Template but which requires more than 30 scripts to achieve.


Binding multiple script.ID using Add-SPOSiteDesign (Create and add site design to SharePoint site with site columns, content type. | PnP Samples) does not increase the total combined limit of 30 scripts AND using Add-SPOSiteDesignTask methods to increase the limit above 30 scripts appears to require the new Site url. (Overcome the 30 action site script limitation in SharePoint Online – Beau Cameron). As this url is being created dynamically under SharePoint Online '+ Create Site', the full path cannot be hard-coded.


As an alternate, I attempted to use Power Automate Flows but this was also unsuccessful. 

Invoking unlimited actions with Site Design Tasks and Microsoft Flow - Reza's Blog ( (resulted in: "The request must be authenticated only by Shared Access scheme.")  (AddSiteDesignTaskToCurrentWeb - also requires url / unable to translate to a Flow)

The Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Site Templates and Site Scripts ( (requires url)

- many others...


Is there any way to use Add-SPOSiteDesignTask during a Template site creation? My preference is to do this direct via JSON / Powershell scripts if possible but I cannot seem to dynamically assign the url within a script / during site creation. Simply summary, I'm attempting to use greater than 30 scripts during a site Template creation and will accept any option if I can get it to work!



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