Create Site design in a 'Team site'

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Hi, When I create a 'Team site' I don't have the possibility to choose a design.
How can i create a site design in a 'Team site'.

Do I need to have a developer tenant?

If yes, how much does a development tenant cost?

Team site.PNGSite design.PNG

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Irina90 ,


Out of the box SharePoint provides Themes. You can change the theme once the site is created here:- 


To create your own theme have a look at :-


To make it easy there is a generator here :-


Hope that helps, Andy


He is asking about having Site Designs to extend the site, but you might be right and she possibly thinks that Site Desings are for applying branding on a site and that's not correct. By the way to have a Site Design in the selector, you need a Developer to create the Site Designs and deploy then to the tenant

@Irina90  In this post: "Get started creating site designs and site scripts" you will find the information you need to get started.


If You already have an Office 365 Subscription You can find more information here regarding a Developer Subscription: