create Sharepoint column with list of currency choices

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I would like to create 2 columns.

1. Currency 

2. PO (Purchase Order) cost


Currency column should show list of currency format ex:(USD, EURO, INR, YEN)

When currency column select any specific currency format then PO cost column currency SYMBOL should change.


Please help us how to achieve this.


Regards / Faisal



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@ConnectFaisal a currency column cannot have multiple currencies & currency symbols. But you could have a choice column to select the currency symbol then a number column to store the amount.


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Dear Rob,


Thanks for the response, to better understand, i am attaching a screenshot.

It has 2 fields (Columns), Currency and PO cost .

Currency field will have choices to select anyone currency and picked up USD then immediately in the PO cost field the currency symbol of USD  appears.


Similar to above scenario, i would like to develop in share point. Can we achieve this by power automate ?


Regards / Faisal