Create Office 365 group in Teams - use SharePoint site tempate for associated SPO site?

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We are developing a workflow that involves Microsoft Teams as a starting point. A select (security) group of project managers will be able to create Teams to kick off a project, then leverage the associated O365 apps for project management. It is obviously a simple task to start a workflow in SPO and use a site template when creating a new site, I'm wondering if there is a way to start the workflow in Teams but still be able to select from a list of SPO site templates for the associated SPO site that gets created?
Or, is there any detriment to kicking off the workflow in SPO from a site template as far as leveraging the associated Team for a central collaboration hub for the project?


Thank you so much in advance, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

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You cannot select a SPO Site Template when creating a Team, but you can certainly create a Team from a Template (you need a programmer here) or just create the Team and once the related SPO site is created, apply a template to the site (a PnP template or just a Site Design)

@Juan Carlos González Martínthank you kindly! I think applying a site template once the team/SPO site is created could be our path forward. I really appreciate your response and time.

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hello. Could it be another way to change this workflow direction? I mean:


1. Create your customized or ProjectType-bases Team Site and its corresponding M365 Group

2. Adding MS Team feature to the Team Site from MS Sharepoint, instead of creating a Team from MS Teams using the option "From a Group or Team".


With this approach, you can control which Site template your add to your Team. 

The only limit I see is you cannot use an MS Teams Template (channels, apps, etc...). 


Let me know if I am wrong or there is another recommended way.