Create New Site Page not available within Site Page Library, only outside of it

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On our SharePoint Groups standard setups using the modern experience, the Site Pages library does not provide the option of New Site Page when you click +New. It only offers Web part page or Wiki page. If you start on the Home page and click +New and select Page, you then can create a new Site Page. We have checked that the Site Features setting on the site collection allows for Site Pages to be created and the Site Library has the Site Pages Content Type added. Is there something else we need to do to add it to the Site Pages +New list of page options?
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Is this happening in all your Groups? If so, something is wrong in your tenant since there is nothing you have to do to enable modern pages creation in your sites
Just to clarify, we are able to create Site Pages in all of our Groups. The issue is that we only have the option to do it outside of the Site Page Library. In the Site Pages Library, if you click +New the Site Page option isn't there, just a Web Part Page or Wiki page. If you navigate to our Home page and click +New the drop down does include Site Page. So we can create them from there. Just don't understand why we cannot also create them from the Site Page Library.
I have just checked a recently created Group site and when I go to the Site Pages library in the New menu I also have the "Site Page" option as expected...however I have also seen that in a Communication Site I don't even have the "New" option in the Site Pages library so it might happen Microsoft has rolled out an updated that has introduced this problem

@Kim Wade 

I had encountered this issue when I was migrating Sites from SP 2013 to SP Online.

I followed below steps to be able to create Site Page from Site Pages Library
1. Make Sure Site Pages feature is enabled at the Site level
2. Navigate to Site Pages Library
3. Go to "Library Settings"
4. In the Content Type Section, click on "Add from existing content types"
5. Search for "Site Page" from the list (you can simply select one item and press "S" on your keyboard to take you to all the content types starting from S).
6. Select "Site Page" and click Add and then click on OK

Go back to Site Pages Library, click on New and you should be able to create Site Page now.


I am having the same issue (specifically I am trying to embed a powerbi report in sharepoint and the instructions point to New Site Page)

when in the pages library I also get no Site Page under New, yet my library settings already show Site Page as Visible on New Button..

any ideas before trying to contact support?



I also had to enable this option in the sharepoint admin site for the option to exist in the site library.

Thank you very much, it helped me very very much :)