Create Folders and Import Metadata from Excel Using PowerAutomate

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I am looking to see if there is any way to pull data from an Excel Spreadsheet, create folders in a Document Library and fill in the columns. 


I am a line staff within my organization and the project I am working on I must complete only with tools available to me. I have ownership of a Sharepoint site and access to Power Automate along with the ability to run internal reports with our software which produce Excel data. 


I have found several sources to create a List, but nothing to create a folder in Sharepoint. My hope is to create a daily report with our system (Excel), then use Power Automate to create a Folder in Sharepoint for each row of data. Ideally, I could also use the data from each Excel column to fill in the Columns within Sharepoint


Is this possible??


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@Sparks729 If you are looking for a place to upload your already generated report, create a document library and upload your report there. You can automate the upload process using Power automate.


If you are looking to create a list in SharePoint and feed off your report data as list items everyday? You can use Power automate for that as well. Trigger the automate to run every day, parse your excel and add each row as an item in your existing SharePoint list. Check this article on how to parse and extract info from excel