Create Drop Down Mega Menu style but not on navigation bar

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Hi there - as you can see from the picture below I created an html/css style menu and inserted it using a script editor to a page. Each option has a url link to generate a helpdesk in a separate system that is not sharepoint.


The Issue I am facing is the maintenance of the drop down options, and was wondering if a sharepoint list can be created to manage the contents of this mega menu style.


I do not want mega menu navigation on the site, just within a page, as per below.


Is this doable? Is there an app that can do this? The example i have shown my bosses love it... it works... but it's the administration of

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@victormonasterio You can use lists to store the mapping or Metadata service (create terms). I do not know any OOB apps for storing links.

In past we have done customizations where we store information in lists as users know how to work with lists