Create distribution list from a SharePoint list

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I have a SharePoint list with a names column and an emails column, like:



I would like to now if it is possible to create a distribution list containing all the emails from the email column?

So that I can go to my Outlook and send an email to that specific list of emails.

So that I don't have to manually insert every single email into the ' to: ' field in Outlook, but it would be something like

' to: thenameoftheemaillist ' 


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Depends on the permissions you have I suppose. As an "end user", you can sync the list to Outlook, copy the addresses to your contact list and create a "contact group", which you can then address. If you want others in the company to be able to use the group, you will have to create it as a Distribution group in the GAL, and for that you need the necessary permissions on Exchange side.

Sync wise not really. However you can probabaly use flow to accomplish this. Using a trigger on the list and using the get items action and then use some action for distro groups if there is one to clear the list and then add all the users back or something along those lines.
Well scratch that. Can’t find a connector for it :(

Hi @Loubnielsen 


The best way I can think to achieve this is to use Microsoft Flow.

You can create an Office 365 group in Flow and get emails from SharePoint list and add to the group. 

Then you can send emails to that group.




Does doing this allow for the Distribution List to be accessible via the GAL?

@Loubnielsen Couple years late to the party, but since I was looking for roughly the same answer I figured I'd chime in, in case someone else was looking for my solution.


- Create an empty Outlook Group ""

- Created a MS Flow with a "When an Item is created" trigger. Link to the SharePoint that the list resides

   - "Add member to group"

       -Group Id: ""

       -A user AAD ID for the user to **bleep** to a team: Title

          Note: I changed the name of the title column to Email. Otherwise it might be something like Name Email. Play with the Dynamic content options till you find the right variable.


Now I just use the group email as the distro.


P.S. I made a second Flow to remove someone. It's almost identical except for instead of "Add member to group" its "Remove member from group"

P.P.S. pro tip: since the distro is being stored in an Outlook group instead of SharePoint list, I find it best to also have an action to "Delete item" at the end of the flow so there isn't an option to double up on anything when triggering the flow.