Create Content Types programmatically or import massively

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I've been trying to use the Rest API to create Content Types without luck (as it seems there's a bug which Microsoft is not willing to fix):


Also, there's no documented way to do the same through the Graph API.


So, do you guys know any way to create Content Types massively or import them in a similar way it's done through the new Term Store?



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@andres101 Try creating content types with PowerShell,

Add-PnPContentType -Name "<name> " -Description "<description>" -Group "<group name>" -ParentContentType <parent content type (to fetch default columns)>

Then you can add fields to that specific content type:

Add-PnPField -DisplayName "<display name>" -InternalName "<internal name>" -Type <field type> -Group "<same group as the content type>"

Hey! Thanks for your response.

Could you provide be with a link to the powershell documentation related to this? My background is Web Development and I have no experience with Microsoft PowerShell.
Also, note that it should be able to work with SharePoint Onlilne

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@andres101 This works well with SharePoint Online! :) Could you please mark my previous post as best answer if it was what you were looking for? 

Here is the link:


If you need any more assistance, please notify me. 

I've been looking into the docs and haven't been able to test it yet, but it looks promising!