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Hi all, 


I have this idea where i want to have a SPO list with all our meeting rooms, and everything a room is booked the new reservation to go under the room that is about.

The list structure is this:


So for example i want  to be able to see all bookings for Red room kind of like a tree structure with option to expand/collapse the main item row, because if there are 20 rooms and the list cannot be collapsed this might be quite hard to read as everything will be expended.


Red Room

  - Booking 1

  - Booking 2

  - Booking 3

Green Room

  - Booking 1

  - Booking 2


and so on.... you got the idea. Any suggestions how this can be achieved and references or help to achieve it?




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@Radoslavov91 create a new view of the list, edit the view and select which column you want to view by and whether you want it to default to collapsed or expanded:



Then you'll click on the dropdown to display the bookings for that room (or in my live example, location).




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Great Rob,

this was exactly what i was looking for, thanks for the quick help :)