Create a SharePoint button with multiple links

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Hello guys,


I am currently working on a SharePoint page and I am facing some difficulties.


I need to create a Button that on click should open a sub-menu - that should enable the user to :


1. Upload a document to DocumentLibrary1

2. Upload a document to DocumentLibrary2

3. Upload a document to DocumentLibrary3

4. Create a new item on List1


Currently I have added a button web part to my page, however, I am able to place only 1 link, not 4.


Is there any way I can do this? it should look something like this (but as a button web part within a Page) - not in the menu bar : 


Also, I need to mention that quick links web part doesn't represent a alternative option :(




Can someone please help? :)


Much appreciated!



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My 2 Cents here:
(1) Take a look at the SPFx WebParts available at GitHub. It might happen there is a WebPart that fits your requirements
(2) Build your own SPFx WebPart