Create a carousel of SharePoint list on SharePoint site

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Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to build a dynamic carousel for a SharePoint site page, I need to pull the items in the carousel from a SharePoint list that is linked to a Power App. I need the most recent say 20 items to be on scroll. I currently have the list set up on gallery view with squares and an image for each.


Is there a way I can achieve this?



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@Georgia_Cutler You can try using SharePoint JSON view formatting or custom SPFx web part for image carousel based on list items.


Check these links for reference:

  1. Image Slider 
  2. Filterable Image Gallery 
  3. Images and Videos in a Carousel 
  4. Image Slider from Photo Gallery 
  5. Bootstrap Slider Built with jQuery v1.x and Boostrap v3.x 

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