Create 1 main view with 4 lists

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I created a 1:n relationship in Sharepoint. (primary key + foreign key)

as followed:
The ID of list "1" is used as a foreign key in list "2" & "3" & "4"

I have 4 lists and with them I created 1 form in Power Apps. The entries I make in my form are written correctly in the lists. so far so good.
Now I would like to create an overview in Sharepoint in which the lists can be combined so that I don't have 4 lists, but 1 list in which the associated entries belong together.

can somebody help me?
thanks in advance

(like videos or documentations)
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Hello @aleyna6060 


with SharePoint OOTB view it's not possible to view elements from different lists or libraries.


You can try to use a Highlighted Content Web Part dto show elements from different lists or for more customization, you can use PnP Modern Search Web Parts. With search you can build your view with elements from different lists/libraries. 


Hope this gives you an idea for an solution.


Best, Dave


i would create a new SitePage and add all 4 lists as seperate webparts to that page.
Then i would connect die Webparts for lists 2,3 and 4 with list 1 on the lookup field.


The effect will be that if you select a list entry in the list 1 webpart  the other webparts will automatically filter to all items  related to the list entry in list 1.
Kind of like a dashboard.