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is there a way creat an organigram within sharepoint ? without going through the sharepoint application store



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A webpart was just released for this  in the last few weeks. If you create a modern SharePoint page and add the organisation chart webpart you can select the user that you want at the top level and navigate down the tree. It has limited functionality in what it shows but may do the job for you.

As Andrew mentions, you can use the org chart WebPart...if that WebPart does not fit your needs, consider to review in GitHub SPFx repositories where there org chart webpart samples

@Lifcitz1912 ,


You can use newly released Organization chart web part for your requirements, if it is available in your tenant (Roadmap).


OR you can use any one of the below SPFx web part created by community members. Have look at these links and use any web part which fits to your requirements. You can also download the source code for these web parts and enhance them as per your needs (you will need development skills for this):

  1. Modern Organization Chart 
  2. Tree Organization 
  3. Organisation Chart 
  4. Organization Chart using VueJS 

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