Crawled properties for custom search connector are not created in SharePoint 2016

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There we have a somewhat wicked search problem: We developed a Search Connector Solution (on the basis of the SharePoint Search connector framework, via BCS) . The Search Connector indexes content from a third-party system (Atlassian Confluence). During crawl Custom Crawled properties are created, which we can then map to managed properties. The creation of the crawled properties is based on a BDC model (XML file).
This all works fine with SharePoint 2013. In SharePoint 2016 however the indexing itself works (that is, the crawl runs through and afterwards the contents of the third-party system can be found in SharePoint search), but the crawled properties are not created.
Any ideas, why? Is there a change regarding BDC models respectively their processing from SharePoint 2013 to 2016? Maybe any changes in the BDC model file format or deprecated methods in the Search connector framework?

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@Nicolae I don't know - I didn't deal with the subject later anymore.