Counting number of items in a list using power automate

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Good afternoon,

I am needing to build a flow that will count the number of items with a certain value in the status field and then if the count is a specific number, send an email.  I have found examples of getting the number of items in a list, but none based on a condition.  Any examples that anyone knows of?



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@rbutgins21 Hello,

Please check this link below:


The scenario is built for fetching a specific item by id, however you could change the values to match your request.

@ArefHalmstrandI was trying to use a filter array part and then check the count, but it isn't matching the count




I figured it out, thanks!


I have a requirement:

1. The data is fetched from Power BI data.

2. If count of column < 10, then send email in plain text HTML format .

3. If count of column >10, send email as excel attachment.