Countdown to due date in SharePoint 365 list

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I'm using a SharePoint 365 list as an action tracker. My list contains the due date. I would like to add a column that contains a count of days remaining to the due date. 


I tried the datedif function together with 'TODAY', but it does not work. I guess I need to have an additional column with today's date to use this one? Was hoping to create it using workflows but these were retired in SharePoint 365. Is there a way to do it differently?


Would much appreciate your help.  


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You could apply JSON Formatting:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "=floor((Number(@currentField)-Number(Date((getMonth(@now)+1)+'.'+getDate(@now)+'.'+getYear(@now))))/(60*60*24*1000))+' day(s) remaining'"



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Thank you, Sven! Apologies but I'm completely new at this - could you please explain where in the code I should put my 'due date' column? 



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Hi @kobi1991 ,


sure. This is SharePoint Json list formatting code that formats a column.

Got to you SharePoint View, select the header of your "Due Date" column and select "Column Settings->Format this Column"
Copy the Json Code here

You don't have to change the formula, as "@currentField" references to the selected Column.

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Thank you so much, Sven! It works, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do it the way the 'Countdown' column corresponds to the 'Due date' column as I would like to have a view of the Due date itself, and when adding a new item the 'Countdown' column would populate itself.

Is it at all possible?

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Hi @kobi1991 


You could create a calculated column "Countdown" of type "Date" with the formula

=[Due Date]

and then apply the formatting there. 

Then you have two columns with the same value, but one is displaying the date and the other one is displaying the countdown.

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