Could I use page templates on multiple sites

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I saved a page as a template on a site because I want to use this page as a starting page for another site. I was wondering if there's a way to make this template usable on the second site? The template is saved in the Site Pages --> Templates directory and I can reuse it on the same site. But I can't seem to determine how to move it to another site.




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You can but you need to copy the folder over with Power Automate. What I did was to have a list with all site that will need the templates and it would replace them when the template is modified


Not the best solution but it works :)





@NicolasKheirallah ,


Thanks for your response. I tried to create a Flow that is similar to yours. When I tried to save it, I get the following error:


Flow save failed with code 'DynamicOperationRequestClientFailure' and message 'The dynamic operation request to API 'sharepointonline' operation 'GetTable' failed with status code 'NotFound'. This may indicate invalid input parameters. Error response: { "status": 404, "message": "List not found\r\nclientRequestId: f6a45f3c-0a4c-4923-9af5-ab47900e0896\r\nserviceRequestId: f6a45f3c-0a4c-4923-9af5-ab47900e0896" }'.


Below is a screenshot of the Flow I created:

2023)0324_copy template to other site flow.JPG


I have removed the domain of my SharePoint site. I have a page template stored in the "/SitePages/Templates" directory of the "/sites/ProductContent" site and I intend to copy this to the "/SitePages" directory of the "/sites/PartnerJourneyMethodology" site. (a "Templates" directory will be created within the "SitePages" directory of the destination).


For destination URL, use custom value and choose SiteURL field instead. I believe I faced the same issue and this was the reason

@NicolasKheirallah ,


Thanks for getting back to me. I tried changing the Destination Site to Custom field by maximizing the menu option and then clicking on "Enter Custom value":



Once I clicked on this, I get a grey box with some options:



I couldn't find the "SiteURL" field. I was wondering would one of these be the correct one?





Try adding it as a custom expression. Seems like it's bugging for you as you have experimental feature turned on.
add this: