Copying/Moving forms from OneDrive to SharePoint

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Is it possible to move or copy a form I've created in OneDrive to SharePoint (on-prem and online)?



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@Juan Carlos González Martín 

That wasn't really what I wanted to do. I want to move the Form completely to be 'hosted' on the SharePoint instead of my OneDrive.


Forms don't seem to behave like normal files, so I am not sure if they can be moved or copied in the same way.




You could transfer the ownership of the form - this makes an O365 Group the new owner of the form, and it then creates and stores existing and future responses in a new Excel file in the Group SharePoint site. See
Were you able to find an answer to this problem? I am having the same issue

@gsolorzano - I have a partial solution.  The scenario here is that a person who created several important Forms is on long-term sick.  Before they left, they added a number of collaborators who have been happily managing the Forms.  As time has passed, one or more of the collaborators have moved on and those back-filling the roles are not collaborators and no one but the owner can add collaborators.


Following the instructions in this article, (having first blocked the sign-in to the account of the person on long-term sick) I was given the option to move each of the Forms to either reside in "My forms" or one of "My groups".  Unfortunately, the only groups that were offered were associated with Teams (none of which were appropriate destinations for the Forms).  None of the traditional SharePoint Online Communication sites to which I was hoping to move the Forms were offered as destinations.


For now, my admin account "owns" the Forms and I have been able to add relevant collaborators.  (Short-term fix.)


If I cannot work out how to to move the forms to a SharePoint Communications site, then I will have to convince the relevant departmental Head to maintain an appropriately secured Teams site (which, by nature, has an associated Group) so that I can transfer ownership to the Group.


If anyone can help with moving an existing Form into a SharePoint Communications site, it would be much appreciated.  (None of the discussion threads that I have come across that claim to have solved this problem have actually addressed the need expressed in this thread.)

P.S. Before anyone points out that blocking and account is not possible in all situations. I agree, that is why I have written authorisation from the person's manager, the head of HR and another member of the senior leadership team before the person's account was temporarily blocked. I have everything I need for an audit! I also, by request of the person's manager, sent a full explanation of the actions being take to the email address of the person who is on long-term sick so that when they return to work they have knowledge of what was done.