Copy to/Move to dramatic UI change/missing sites


Move to and Copy to dramatically changed UI in our tenant this week. I don't recall seeing this change on the roadmap or Message center. When one belongs to many sites, not all are listed. I have a very specific, frequently used site and it's not listed. There is no way to search more to located a desired site. My only option is to down/up load ... boooo Side note, when repaired it would be awesome if they would alpha sort for easier scanning to locate the desired site.

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Update - I went to the site and it already noted that I was "following", but when I went to my SharePoint home, it was not ... I clicked the star to Favorite as it was under Recent on SP Home, but not in Quick access on OneDrive and suddenly the desired site appeared under More places... booo differing Favorite actions ...
I believe I saw a message in the messages center about changes in the Copy To / Move To user experience
Thank you, I did find it back in October 1, 2021 for MC288642 OneDrive and SharePoint: Improved Move/Copy user experience. It did indicate no underlying changes, yet I found the new experience very limiting in the number of sites available and discovered the workaround I mentioned above about needing to Star/Favorite a site on the SharePoint home portal to display a desired site in the new Move/Copy experience ... even though this was one of my top sites that on the site it shows I follow, yet it wasn't on the SP page or in the Move experience ... Desired improvement would be to alpha sort sites and give the ability to search vs a short list limit of sites where most are not relevant.
And this week the old interface returned ... so it got pulled back for whatever reason ... or perhaps to repair the bug that I referenced above where it wasn't providing enough sites.