Copy To feature in modern libraries - how to navigate to other libraries?

Caite Stevens

Hi - 


The Copy To feature in modern SharePoint libraries is great, saves us having to Open in Explorer and do that whole song and dance. 


The trouble I'm running into is that we have at least 100 sites, and when you click COPY TO, it suggests 8 random sites, but never the site I want. It allows me to "Browse sites" (not in alphabetical order), and that's just annoying. Is there a way to search among sites, or pin a most-used site as an option? The feature loses a lot of its benefit without the ability to easily point to a specific site. 



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Unfortunate the only option you have is to follow the sites you need, if you follow them, you can click show more, then more and more, and you can pick a followed site. So your basically going to have to follow them as you need them or what not. But it would be really nice if there was a search box for both this and the new Move to button. Check user voice and suggest the idea if you can't find it i'll vote for it!
Totally agree with Christopher comments and I hope the team will take a note of this ideas to improve the experience not only when copying files to other sites, but also when moving them
Thank you, and now I see that Following allows you to hone in a little better. I will submit the idea for a search/pin - I hope this is something they just haven't gotten to yet.
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