Copy SharePoint online Hub site and connected sites to another 365 tenant

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I have a need to export a SharePoint online Hub site and the 3 sites that are attached. Ideally complete with all loaded customisations etc on the pages (cover images etc). I'm less concerned about file migration or permissions or anything like that, it's actually the structure I need more.


I have done a search on this, and so far it seems people are pointed to exporting the site as a template and importing it or using codetwo.

In both instances I can partially import the site into another tenant but I can not edit the site once it's there. If I go to edit a page I get an error "Could not publish your page We're sorry, we encountered an unexpected error. Please try again, if the problem persists please contact your Administrator"


I have looked at Sharegate but it's far too costly for what we are trying to achieve here.


Any other ideas?

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If you want only to export the structure, what I recommend you here is to use PnP PowerShell so you can extract for every site a site template and recreate everything using the templates extracted in the destination tenant