Copy Sharepoint List with attachment and text in body to another site

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Hi everyone!


Newbie at this, but have perused so many posts and youtube videos and can't seem to get a good Power Automate flow to work for this issue:


We just recently switched from a very old version of SharePoint to now the modern version, and in the process lists were migrated as copies to a Team site.  These lists have both attachments and text content in the body of the list item (these are  URLs or some sentences, some were hyperlinks, and some were simply URL text).


I created a Communications site and want to copy these lists, but can only seem to get the attachments over and not BOTH the text/body. 

- I can't use the List Template option given that old site is non-Modern (tried that)

- I created a list from the Team site template in Comms site already

- I'm using MANUALLY TRIGGER FLOW > Get items > Got my source site & list

- APPLY TO EACH > get attachments > Id > CREATE ITEM > input / outputs > GET ATTACHMENT CONTENT (Id / File Identifier) > Add Attachments

- Do I need to create some parallel action step?  Which order of operations needs to go first/after Get attachments to get the body/text content?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!  Cheers, V.


This is what a list item in Team Site aka Source site (which was copied/migrated from old SharePoint to modern) looks like:


Flow I've worked up as noted above.





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